TOUGH BY NATURE, gentle on gear

No Sweat's proprietary blend of bio-based enzymes & gentle, eco-friendly surfactants was developed specifically to target odor-causing bacteria & mold that breeds in moisture-wicking, technical performance fabrics.

Like a magnet, No Sweat lifts natural grit directly from fabric fibers, then lightly dissolves them away—attacking the problem at the source, while maintaining the integrity of your quality athletic gear. 

Suitable for use on all clothing, towels and intimates, but developed specifically for dry wicking and tech fabrics. It's gentle yet effective touch maintains the quality and elasticity of fabrics, extending the overall life of your activewear.

Conventional detergents treat the surface. 

Conventional detergents are more focused on eliminating non-organic surface stains, (pen stains, food, grease). They put a band-aid over the problem, masking bacteria and odors with fragrance and locking them in.


No Sweat digs deep to target natural grit.

No Sweat’s unique natural enzymes digs deep into the fibers of your clothing, dissolving the bacteria & mold that causes funky odor. No harsh chemicals, no artificial perfumes, no residue—just pure freshness, down to the core.

Natural odors call for a natural solution.

Use No Sweat on anything musty, dank or worse to get rid of that funky smell and breathe new life into your clothing.