Music: the Legal Performance Enhancement Drug

Music: the Legal Performance Enhancement Drug

Music is the most amazing thing. You could literally control your mood at every moment if you wanted to take the time to create a playlist for every feeling. Melancholy days, happy days, anxious days, inspired days, existential days… there are thousands of songs for them all.

This being said, music is undervalued as a natural “stimulant” if used properly in the right setting. Who are we kidding- it’s like a legal steroid! When you’re at the gym, if you listen to say, Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On” you will probably want to jump off the treadmill and dive off the nearest bridge after 5 minutes. (Sorry, Celine fans.) However, take Christina Aguileira’s “fighter,” plant yourself near a punching bag, and before you know it you’ll have torn that thing to shreds.

4 Reasons why Music Helps Improve your Physical Performance:

  • It naturally forces you to follow a tempo, improving your breathing and conservation of energy, and thus increasing your physical capacity. (The faster the beat, the higher the intensity of your workout.)


  • It drowns out the heavy pant of the dude beside you, so you don’t subconsciously feel his fatigue.
  • Music has been proven to actually increase your endurance by up to 15%!!! While you’re having fun vibing along to your fave tunes, your mood is elevated and the formerly tricky exercise routine you’re doing suddenly seems effortless.
  • Music naturally increases arousal (no, not necessarily in the loins.) Basically, you’re not as likely to want to chill on the couch while your favourite pump up song is playing, you’ll want to move around- no matter where you are!

So next time you hit the gym, remember your i-pod is JUST as important as your water. More importantly… that “pump up” playlist holds the key to a solid workout, so choose wisely!

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