Monkey see, Monkey Do

Monkey see, Monkey Do

If health and well-being are not motivation enough to embrace a life of fitness, having kids may be just the final nudge you need.  After a lifetime of dedication to a daily gym regime, I’ve turned my focus this past year to a new religion- Hot Vinyasa Yoga. (That’s really sweaty, heart-pounding yoga for all you non-yogis). 

In doing so, I’ve reconnected with my 10 year-old self- the aspiring gymnast who loved hand-standing, cart-wheeling and trying new tricks even if it meant falling on her a$$.  As a mother of three, the best side benefit is that my kids like this stuff too.  Recently, I’ve started practicing with my kids a couple times a week after dinner.  Sometimes they’re interested, sometimes they’re not. Luckily, they’re still young enough to think mom is pretty cool and what she does is pretty neat.  So for now, yoga is a fun way for us to bond and unwind.   We twist, we bend, we flip and try various poses, and mom falls as often (if not more!) than everyone else. Then we get right back up and try again. What they seem to love most of all is finding new creative ways to climb all over each other- and me! Unintentionally, our little routine is also helping to remind Mom and the kids of a few important lessons: 

  1. Skills take practice and persistence and often you may not love something until you’re kind of good at it. 
  2. No matter what you say, it’s the power of doing that counts.  If you want your kids to be active- BE active.  They will love their time with you and will develop good habits in spite of themselves. Living healthy is learned behavior- Monkey see, monkey do!!!
  3. Fall on you’re a$$ and then pat yourself on the back for trying. It is super important to show your kids your imperfections so they  will feel better about themselves and when they fail too.



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