How to Wash Laundry | Greening Your Laundry Routine

How to Wash Laundry | Greening Your Laundry Routine

Here’s a crash course on 10 eco-friendly habits to conserve energy and reduce exposure to harmful chemicals.  Pick a few and cycle through.

  1. Air-dry whenever possible.
    Its all about small changes and every kW counts.  Go old school and line-dry clothes.  Its penny-wise and also much better for the longevity and fit of your stuff. Like your bod, clothes love fresh air too!

  2. Scrap fabric softener.
    Did you know that fabric softener today is essentially scented lard?!  Gross.  We often get asked about replicating our scents as dry sheets, softener, etc.  While we love the fragrance too, the reality is fabric softeners and dryer sheets are completely at odds with green cleaning. They were created to mask underlying smell with fragrance.  NOT the No Sweat Life.  Fragrance is terrible for allergies, skin and health.  Accent your essence don't let something artificial be your solution.

  3. HE washing machines only.
    If you haven’t caught the HE wave, you clearly still ride a wood longboard.   Your clothes touch your skin every moment of every day-  make sure they are clean! HE machines spin faster, extracting more water and cutting drying time. Plus, they requires less detergent. Better for your budget, better for your health. Update now.

  4. Wash in cold water.
    The number one scourge to the environment when it comes to laundry is energy. Heating and cooling  cycles, shipping liquid too and fro and so on. Yes, ingredients count. What counts more?  Habits.   Scalding water is no longer necessary to properly clean laundry.  Wash cold. It is just as effective if you're using a quality product. Not only will you save tons of energy, cold water is also easier on fabrics.

  5. Measure your detergent.
    The true dirty secret in the laundry business- free-pouring.  While it may work for stiff cocktails, it’s not the best strategy for laundry. Read the label and use a measuring tool.  We love a regular customer- well earned!  Come back when you are ready.

  6. Skip the fabric softener.
    Try wool dryer balls or vinegar instead.

  7. Avoid toxic ingredients.

  8. Obviously read labels.  We don’t use toxic chemicals, chlorines, optical brighteners, sulfates / bleaches or anything unnecessary in any of our formulas. Our view is that your skin is largest organ and the one most exposed to toxins.  We are 100% natural  and as healthy as possible. With that said, we are about performance. 
  • Are there more (effective!) greener horizons? Yes.  Are they available ? No.  We will find them.
  • Will we sacrifice performance in the name of  "green"? No.
  • Are we more expensive because we choose clean, effective ingredients? Yes.

  • Hand-wash when you can.
    Pads, shoes, bags, coats- anything that can’t go in the machine should NOT sit in the garage or on the front porch forever. 
    PROMISE: fungus is not an aphrodisiac.  Soak and air dry anything that touches your body at least (quarterly).  Perfume sprays are for rentals.  Clean what you own.

  • Make your dryer more efficient.  When you must use the dryer, follow these two rules:
  1. Remove lint from the filter, and run loads back-to-back to take advantage of residual heat. 
  2. Add a towel to a mixer load of laundry to absorb moisture quicker.  Your laundry will dry faster
  • Make sure your clothes need to be washed.  The dirty little secret is that people frequently wash clean clothes.  Unless is sweaty, damp or really soiled it likely doesnt need to be cleaned.  Review your laundry habits- doing a little less laundry will have the greatest impact on your environmental footprint

      Contact us with any laundry related issues.  We're here and happy to help you sort the pile and get the grit.

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