How to | Dry Clothes in High Humidity

How to | Dry Clothes in High Humidity

Holy Hannah it is humid! 

Whether you live in a tropical climate or its summer on the east coast, the dew point has hit an all time high leaving everything damp and worse, musty!  Great for your skin, not so great for your workout gear.  Damp workout gear is a mecca for bacteria growth and odor invasion

Here are a few practical, eco-friendly tips for drying your clothes in humid climates

  1. Invest in a good dehumidifier.  Dehumidifiers are a household necessity in a humid climate.  Saving everything from your favorite leather purses and belts to your wood furniture and finishings from mildew, bloat and rot.  They work by sucking the air from a surrounding areas across cooling coils, pulling out moisture and lower the surrounding temperature.  Meaning, they are a must have in the war against must in the laundry room.  What’s more, dehumidifiers typically can use significantly less energy than your clothes dryer when run in moderation.  Shut the doors to the laundry room and let it blow.

    A cooler dryer laundry room is a much better environment for air drying your gear.  Air drying is much better for your laundry and the difference between the energy consumed by a clothes dryer vs the energy consumed by a dehumidifier is a win-win for the environment and your pocketbook too.

  2. Consider line drying your laundry at night.  Generally, as air temperature drops, so does the amount of water it can hold.  Meaning,  line drying overnight will usually take advantage of the lowest temperatures of the day.

  3. Add some house plants- Studies show that a home with several house plants contains lower humidity levels than other homes. This is because the plants extract many of their nutrients from the moisture in the air. Consider such plants as Boston Ferns or small cacti plants.

  4. Hang a sachet of Chalk in your closet!  This gold medal favourite from Martha, the domestic diva herself, is not only crafty but smart. Chalk absorbs moisture and is a great option for smaller spaces that might not need the horse power of an energy sucking dehumidifier.

  5. Cross ventilate - just as fresh air does the body good, so too it breathes life into your laundry.  Improving the airflow of your space by opening windows and or adding fans is always the first line of defence.

Of course once the mold sets in, 1-2oz of No Sweat to revitalize your musty workout gear, towels and linens will restore your laundry to peak freshness.


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