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by Megan MacKenzie September 18, 2013

My name is Meg, I’m 25 and I started at No Sweat nearly a year ago now. If you can’t tell already, fitness is a big priority around here. It’s quickly become the running joke around the office that I’m the “slacker” in the workout department. I know you’re probably picturing me sitting here right now next to my fit, disciplined coworkers, eating a bag of potato chips while my muffin top bulges over my jeans. I’ll have you know that this is NOT THE CASE either! I am super nutritionally conscious, (which is how I justify my complete lack of desire to exercise) and have been blessed with a petite figure so I’ve just never been super motivated to hit the gym.


As such, the gym and I have become such distant acquaintances I can hardly call it familiar. It is now this dark luminous character that dwells somewhere at the very end of my “to do” list, one of those things that keeps getting bumped as it’s “not an immediate priority” or because “I’ll do it next week.” (I know, I know… I won’t.) But the way I see it, how can I be bothered to hit the gym when I have a fabulous new condo to decorate? Or a shopping date? (I also suffer from a chronic and persistent addiction to retail… it’s a problem.)


Nevertheless, after a year of sitting behind a desk and learning about the benefits of a healthy exercise routine (hah…), I am finally feeling the results of an inactive body- the achey joints, lack of energy, less than rock hard stomach, and so on. I suppose it has come the time to slide that “hit the gym” task up a few notches on my priorities list, if not for the sake of my sanity then for the sake of my poor joints, which rapidly seem to be prematurely aging. Hopefully the fact that there’s a gym located INSIDE my new condo building will keep the excuses at bay. I’ll keep you posted on my progress- September commences the construction of “Meg the Fitness Queen!” (Okay, so that may be pushing it.)

Megan MacKenzie
Megan MacKenzie