In the Clutch

by Kendra Doersam December 01, 2014


As a woman of a certain age (well by Hollywood standards anyway!) it has been many moons since I last laced, limbered or reached up for or with anyone but myself. When I sweat it is generally along-side others and not really “with” them.  I love the psychological recharge I get from exercising alone, however, when I use to watch my kids playing their favorite sports, I couldn’t help being nostalgic for a time when I would feel the greatest elation (and also disappointment) of being a part of a team. 


 This past fall a crew of fellow “mid” - timers and I decided to dust off the old tennis rackets (before you ask, aluminum not metal!) and start a doubles league.  None of us really ‘have the time’ and yet we are all so happy we have made room in our schedules for what has turned out to be such a therapeutic and bonding experience. We laugh, we catch-up and yes, we go for the win!  It gone from a “as long as I can make it” to a can’t miss.  Why?  Because the psychological benefits of being a part of a group, and managing the subtle pressure of delivering “in the clutch” for someone besides yourself is an adrenaline pumping, stress relieving good time in a way a personal achievement can’t always compare.  This weekly chance to connect keeps us fit, fun and fine in our tennis whites. Love-Love.

Kendra Doersam
Kendra Doersam