5 Facts You Didn't Know About Sweat!

by Megan MacKenzie October 14, 2014


  1. Got a Rash? It may not have been that one night stand last weekend!

 Staphylococcus Aureus, commonly known as staph, is a bacteria caused by sweat that most commonly causes skin infections. Staph infections are usually mild and include superficial rashes, pimples and/or boils on your skin. However, if the bacteria spreads and gets deeper into your skin, it can become a life-threatening infection such as pneumonia, sepsis or meningitis! Recently there have been reports of a very aggressive form of Staph that's resistant to antibiotics, in gyms, but it's extremely rare.  No Sweat’s [secret agent] sports wash kills bacteria & odor and will reduce the likelihood of contracting a skin irritation caused by bacteria.

 2. Your Gym Bag is throwing a Bacteria Party, and you need to break it up.


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Throwing sweaty and moist equipment into a gym bag, without properly drying it first, can increase odours and possibly lead to bacterial infections.  Bacteria feeds on food (sweat), moisture and warmth. Toss in these 3 ingredients, and you’ve got bacteria multiplicity! As you can imagine, a dank hockey, yoga or gym bag left overnight is the perfect venue for this sort of bacteria bash.


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Hockey equipment or any other gear should be washed with detergent and thoroughly dried on a regular basis. Also, airing out your equipment until it dries makes it trickier for the bacteria to survive, since they thrive in warm and moist environments. You may want to try eliminating the bacteria with No Sweat's [secret agent] sports wash. There are plenty of dry clean type services for anything that can't go through a machine, or you can soak it in a gentle detergent such as No Sweat to remove bacteria and odour.  


3) It’s not your Sweat that Stinks!


  Did you know that sweat is 99% water, so it is essentially odourless?  No, you’re not a freak. There is still a smell. However, this lovely aroma is actually produced when bacteria feeds on your sweat, and expels various compounds ( urea, salts and ammonia) creating Biomidrosis (BO) which, as we know, has a very distinct scent. Basically, the culprit is not your sweat itself, but the bacteria camped out on your skin and in your clothing, waiting to feed on it! If you don’t attack this bacteria at the source, it will only continue to build and increase that unpleasant musty odour in your clothing and equipment. (Not to mention repel those unfortunate souls beside you at the gym!) Use No Sweat’s [secret agent] sports wash to dissolve bacteria caused by sweat.

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 4. Sweet Sweat- Why Sweating is Sexy.


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Not only is exercise critical for heart health and general well-being, sweating regularly helps maintain that youthful glow! Evidence shows that sweating regularly maintains the elasticity, softness and suppleness of your skin, leaving you looking years younger than someone who does not regularly perspire. Sweat also helps flush toxins out of the body, and has been proven to fight skin infections. Don’t shy away from a solid heavy sweat. Clean your gear with No Sweat’s [secret agent] sports wash, and sweat freely.


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Megan MacKenzie
Megan MacKenzie