Alex | Move and Play

Alex | Move and Play

What movement means to me? Movement is our intrinsic nature.  Physical play is the purest expression of our individuality. Move and play every day!

My first loves? Martial Arts and Tennis.

My current passion? Movement arts.  Learn more about Capoeira, a beautiful fluid and difficult Brazilian martial art that combines elements of dance, acrobatics and music.

Train Like Alex

Focus - Ankle Mobility 

1. Calf raises

2. Standing Sissy Squats 

3. Squat to Sissy squats

4. Weighted Cossack 

What am I currently working toward? I want to own and achieve a back bridge to walk over.

Road Less Travelled

Road Since Travelled? Australia. Hong Kong. Bali, Indonesia. Chile & Peru, South America. Diamante Valley & Nosara, Costa Rica

My biggest extravagance ? Being blessed with the opportunity to travel the world with my son Ryder 

Travelling next? Barcelona and Portugal

Perfect place of happiness?  Costa Rica. Finding appreciation and happiness in the small things day to day

Introvert/Extrovert? Introvert

Early Bird or Night Owl?  Early Bird

Current State of Mind? Trying to stay content, finding softness in each day

Music Playlist on Spotify

  1. Slip- Elliot Moss
  2. Lullaby- The Cure
  3. Royalty Capes- De La Soul
  4. Exitencia - Acid Pauli Remix
  5. Easy - Son Lux

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