How to Wash Laundry | Sports Bras

How to Wash Laundry | Sports Bras


Sports bras need to be washed every time you sweat in them in.  Your skin is the biggest organ in your body, laundry skin care is critical in order to stay healthy, avoid nasty rashes by keeping grime away from your body.

Here are our Top 7 tips for washing Sports Bras 

  1. Reading clothing labels wisely. The words “no,” “only” and “do not” should be heeded; other language, like “dry clean” (as opposed to “dry clean only”) is often simply a suggestion. 
  2. Sort bras by color and care. Hand wash is recommended for any bras with molded cups as the agitation from the wash and spin cycles can case cups to lose their shape and fit.
  3. For Hand Washables. 1-2oz of No Sweat in a small basin or better yet a large tupperwear container.  Conventional detergent is overly harsh on elastic and fabric and will cause it to wear out or become brittle too fast.  Submerge & soak.  Replace lid and shake the tupperware to saturate the items.  Let sit 30min.  If you use a larger basin or bath tub you’ll need more soap
    1. Remove and rinse paying attention to the area around the elastic which tends to collect the most sweat and grime. 
    2. Pat dry with a towel
    3. Air Dry
  4. Machine Wash.  Turn the bras inside out.  1-2oz No Sweat in a front load machine. Cold wash on delicate. 
  5. Always air dry to maintain fit
  6. If you have sensitive skin make sure to use fragrance free
  7. Most sports bra manufacturers suggest bras should last up to a year with proper care

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